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All Cast - June Shoot

At the Back of the North Wind



SAT, JUNE 1  -  10am – 4:30pm

Monique Amado

Ryn Unterbug

Mitzi Holdren

Jonathan Rizzo (1pm - 3pm)


Song Audio:

Ryn – “Why” & “Scrub the Stars”

Monique – “At the Back of the North Wind”


SC3 (p26) – Diamond, Louisa (dialogue, “Why”, montage)

SC4 (p28) – some of Diamond’s conversation

SC5 (p31) – some of Diamond’s conversation at sea

SC6 (p37) – Goodness & Evil

SC9 (p45) – Diamond, Louisa

SC13 (p62) – Diamond, Louisa

SC15 (p65) – Diamond staring in mirror

SC18 (p75) – Goodness (“At the Back of the North Wind”)

SC20 (p76) – Diamond

SC24 (p81) – Louisa, Jasper


Diamond’s Voiceovers SC11 – p57




SUN, JUNE 2  -  2pm – 6pm

Ashley Tone

Monique Amado

Clint Doggett

Jeff Schonhoff


Song Audio:

Ashley – “Ride the Wind” & “Scrub the Stars”

Clint, Jeff – “Supernaturally Natural”


SC4 (p28) – some of North Wind’s conversation

SC5 (p31) – some of North Wind’s bits at sea

SC6 (p34) – Goodness, Captain, Photon bits

SC10 (p46) – Goodness, North Wind, Captain, Photon bits

SC23 (p80) – North Wind, Evil



SAT, JUNE 8  -  10am – 4:30pm  (morning at YC; afternoon at studio 5 min. away from YC)

Ashley Tone

Catelyn Lawrence

Ryn Unterbug


Morning (10am – 1:30pm):

at YC


Song Audio:

Catelyn – “North Wind Blows”, “Scrub the Stars”, “Morning Star”


SC4 (p28) – Diamond, North Wind (shots together)

SC5 (p31) – Diamond, North Wind at sea (shots together)

SC18 (p73) – North Wind, Destiny (dialogue & “Morning Star”)


Afternoon (1:30pm – 4:30pm):

1301 West Parker Rd, Suite 116 (Greenscreen Studio)


SC7 (p40) – Diamond, North Wind, Destiny (dialogue & “Scrub the Stars”)




SUN, JUNE 9  -  2pm – 4pm

Ryn Unterbug

Mitzi Holdren

Ashley Tone

Catelyn Lawrence


 SC22 (p78) – Diamond, Louisa, North Wind, Destiny

(also any bits or close-ups from yesterday, if we don't finish all shots on Sat)



Catelyn Lawrence  -  10am – 1pm (musical staging)

Noah Garcia  -  10am – 4:30pm

Kate Pritchett  -  10am – 4:30pm

Maya Howard  -  10am – 4:30pm

Hannah Black  -  10am – 4:30pm

Avery Krizan  -  2pm – 4:30pm

Caiden Garcia  -  2pm – 4:30pm


Song Audio:

Avery – “A Little Daylight”

Caiden – “Supernaturally Natural”

Noah, Kate, Hannah, Maya – “North Wind Blows”, “Sander’s Coffee”, “EZ Fixer”


SC2 – “North Wind Blows” number w/ commercial cast

SC14 – “EZ Fixer” commercial

(Sander’s Coffee, Toystick commercial today or tomorrow depending on time)


SC10 (p46) – some Eclipse bits

SC11 (p56) – Terminus bits (“Little Daylight” number, dialogue with Little Daylight)

SC17 (p70) – some Eclipse bits (tipping the cup)




SUN, JUNE 16  -  2pm – 6pm

Noah Garcia

Kate Pritchett

Maya Howard

Hannah Black

Avery Krizan

Owen Garcia

Alison Schonhoff


Song Audio:

Owen – “A Little Daylight”


SC11 (p56) – Evil Queen, Wellus “Little Daylight” number

SC15 (p65) – Terminus, Wellus, Evil Queen

SC16 (p68) – real commercial w/ commercial cast

SC19 (p76) – second real commercial

SC21 (p77) – Terminus, Wellus, Evil Queen

(Sander’s Coffee, Toystick, EZ Fixer if not completed Saturday)



Ryn Unterbug  -  10am – 2pm

Ashley Tone  -  10am – 2pm

Jonathan Rizzo  -  10am – 4:30pm

Elayne Doggett  -  10am – 4:30pm

Riley Unterbug  -  10am – 4:30pm

Clint Doggett  -  1pm – 5pm

Jeff Schonhoff  -  1pm – 5pm

Sasha Saynor  -  1pm – 5pm

Lainey Gerard  -  1pm – 5pm

Caiden Garcia  -  1pm – 5pm

Natalie Chapman  -  1pm – 5pm

Catelyn Lawrence  -  1pm – 5pm (musical staging/Destiny shots)




Song Audio:

Riley – “A Little Daylight”

Jonathan, Elayne – “North Wind Blows” & “Supernaturally Natural”


SC10 (p46) – Diamond, Jasper, Onyx, North Wind

SC12 (p61) – Diamond, Jasper, Onyx, North Wind

SC11 (p57) – possibly some of “Daylight” number if time

SC15 (p65) – Little Daylight

SC17 (p70) – Diamond, Jasper, Onyx (the Coke)

SC21 (p77) – Little Daylight

SC25 (p82) – North Wind, Onyx




Song Audio:

Sasha, Lainey – “Supernaturally Natural”


“The North Wind Blows” number – Catelyn, Natalie shots

“Supernaturally Natural” number

SC6 (p34) – some bits

SC10 (p46) – some bits

SC17 (p70) – some bits




SUN, JUNE 23  -  2pm – 6pm

Jonathan Rizzo

Elayne Doggett

Clint Doggett

Jeff Schonhoff

Sasha Saynor

Lainey Gerard

Riley Unterbug

Owen Garcia

SC6 (p34) – rest of scene

SC10 (p46) – rest of scene

SC11 (p56) – Daylight, Wellus (dialogue & number)

SC15 (p65) – Daylight, Wellus

SC17 (p70) – rest of scene

“North Wind Blows” & “Supernaturally Natural” – Jasper, Onyx

(any other Jasper, Onyx bits not completed)

(additional shot SC22 – Little Daylight enters the day)


Unless noted, females can just do an ordinary makeup (preteens, just a tiny amount)

Ryn, Mitzi, Jonathan, Elayne - wear anything casual that kind of resembles the 80s photos below; it was a lot of blue jeans and loose-fitting shirts/sweaters (Ryn- we have a multicolored wig for you; don't wear anything green since you have greenscreen shots)

Ashley & Catelyn - if you still have what you wore for the stage version (photos below) that would be great (Ashley- we have your pink wig; only change is not doing the green shirt underneath since you'll be doing greenscreen; if there's any green in those tights, that's okay; Catelyn, we have the headband/wristbands/leg warmers; we'll do the non-green ones since you also have greenscreen shots)

Clint, Jeff, Caiden, Lainey - wear solid black or just very dark for underneath; we have all your "laser tag" accessories- glasses, guns, gloves, vests (Jeff, we have a blue wig for you; Clint, we have that 80s mullet wig you wore before)

Sasha - we have the sparkly outfit (see below) for you (similar to what you wore in the Bubblegum Dream Machine film); wear tights or something for underneath as the skirt might be short; we have colored wigs or you can wear one that you already have, any color

Monique - we have the white robe dress (see below) and also a bright white wig; maybe go heavier on the makeup to accentuate the beauty of Goodness

Riley, Avery, Owen, Alison - don't wear anything green because you will be doing greenscreen shots; wear anything casual that kind of resembles the 80s photos below; it was a lot of blue jeans and loose-fitting shirts/sweaters; we will accessorize you with "fairy tale accessories" to go over your clothes; the idea is for the "Little Daylight" characters to look like a hodgepodge of styles, since they are literal figments of Diamond's imagination (so they look like a 12-year-old's idea of a modern 80s fairy tale); Alison, we have a number of possible wigs for you; go heavy on the makeup (more like stage makeup)

Noah, Kate, Hannah, Mayaall, wear anything casual that kind of resembles the 80s photos below, either the jeans and loose-fitting shirts/sweaters or the fitness outfit with the tights; we have lots of headbands/wristbands/leg warmers for you; Kate, Hannah, Maya- also bring any sort of shirt to go with the British schoolgirl jumpers (see below); Noah, Kate- we've got some cowboy/cowgirl accessories for you for the Sander's Coffee commercial


Monique - Goodness


Schoolgirl jumpers


Ashley & Catelyn - North Wind & Destiny


Sasha - Starbright dress

Ashley - for The Golden Key

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