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The YC Performance Team

You Connection has an ongoing performing troupe that participates in all media and theatre productions. We accept all ages from 10-yrs-old to adult.

You Connection is a professional company and we generally only accept actors with some degree of experience and training. Performers are compensated.

Resident Performers are part-time monthly performers who are required to participate in all media and theatre projects per season (July to July). Comp begins at $1200/month for 18-adult and $500/month for under 18s.

The YC Cast members participate on a project-by-project basis only and may choose which projects they are available for during the season. Comp is $800/per project for 18-adult, $500/per project for under 18s.

YC film and theatre projects are highly efficient with extremely workable rehearsal, film, or performance dates. Theatre rehearsals are typically only the two weekends prior to a performance weekend, and film shoots are typically 3-5 dates per actor.


By audition only. Auditions are held annually or bi-annually. Reach out to us at

Click below for our Actor Guidelines

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