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Meet Matt Kramer


Matt Kramer founded You Connection in 2013, a culmination of spiritual, creative, and production expertise spanning decades. He is the visionary behind everything that happens with You Connection, from production and administration to the presentation of the Gospel.

Similar to auteurism, Matt is also the sole writer, composer, and producer of YC's repertoire of films, plays, and music.

Born in 1980 on the hottest day in Dallas, Texas, to date, Matt grew up with a passion for creativity and performing. He later spent years working in professional video and television, including the 90s PBS series Wishbone as an assistant to Dallas and future Breaking Bad casting director Rody Kent.

He co-founded a performing arts company in the early 2000s, with further experiences in church ministry, book publishing, performing arts, and multiple award-winning videography.

Matt got radically on fire for Christ as a teenager during a powerful renewal movement in the early to mid 1990s, desiring at that point to use his skills exclusively for Christ-centered purposes. He has been a nearly lifelong member of Sojourn Church in Carrollton, Texas.

The basic idea for a company like You Connection started when Matt was only 18 years old, but it would take another fifteen years, and three failed attempts, before the vision was finally born!

YC's Vision

You Connection is part of a global movement to advance the Kingdom of God in every sphere of influence, using the impactful medium of creativity to awaken our culture to the reality of Christ.

In the 1970s, a radical movement took place within the worldwide church, moving people out of the four walls and into the marketplace, from Christian coffee houses to the advent of contemporary Christian music to evangelism and global missions (including the 10/40 Window, an area identified in the 1980s to be the most unreached places in the world).

The new millennium unfortunately saw a decline in missions and cultural evangelism as the mainstream American church turned inward and focused more on internal church growth, adopting a seeker-friendly, watered-down, politically correct message. And now we are paying the price, with a society that no longer honors God nor keeps His commandments, a culture with no moral standards or any conclusive convictions about Jesus Christ- who He is and why you need Him.

You Connection seeks to pick up the mantle of marketplace ministry, to be a voice of influence again in everyday culture, and to use the Arts to spread the powerful message of the Gospel, not in a way that looks like church, but in a way that looks like Netflix, Broadway, Picasso, or Beethoven, using identifiable creativity that glorifies God!

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