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YC Theatre

Performed at our own facility in Downtown Plano, Texas, YC Theatre isn't a show, it's an experience! Combining immersive, interactive, experimental, and musical theatre into one dynamic original work, YC Theatre presents the Gospel in a way that is impactful, heart-changing, edifying to the believer and informative to the unbeliever.

Theatre presentations are evangelistic in nature, with prayer offered at the end, like church outside of church- a perfect venue to invite family and friends. Admission is free (donations are always accepted).

Shows are best suited for adults, teens, and grade-school-aged kids (we do not recommend preschoolers attend due to the intimate environment). There is never any swearing, violence, or inappropriate sexual content; however, plays do feature mature biblical and social topics.

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Upcoming Presentations


Victor Herbert’s classic operetta Babes in Toyland gets a You Connection remake THIS CHRISTMAS, DEC 20-22! Get ready for Bo Peep, Mother Hubbard, the evil Barnaby, and a remix of Herbert’s classic score, in a powerful Gospel twist!


Enter the murky Victorian world of Edgar Allan Poe, as You Connection finishes Poe’s immortal tale of despair. . .a tale of hope in the midst of darkness. NEXT MARCH!

Characters interact with the audience before the presentation even begins, completely immersing attendees in the story, and most importantly, the message.


Presentation Repertoire

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