2022-2023 Season

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At the Back of the North Wind

SEPT 16-18, 2022

Based on the classic novel by Scottish author and minister George MacDonald, this fanciful tale of Diamond and the mysterious North Wind explores theodicy- that is, the often-asked question of why a good God allows evil to exist. Ride the wind with this totally rad 80s-inspired experience SEPT 16-18, 2022! 


Veritania: The Land Without Christmas

DEC 16-18, 2022

Veritania is an oppressed, militant country where freedom is hard to find. But a series of strange occurrences in the tiny suburb of West Bank leads to a discovery that could change the course of Veritanian history forever. A unique and intimate perspective on the Christmas story, this brand new holiday musical debuts DEC 16-18, 2022! 


Wonderland Theatre Co.

MAR 31-APR 2, 2023

SPECIAL PERFORMANCE celebrating 10 YEARS of You Connection!

Details to come!

YC Theatre

The flavor of musical theatre. The innovation of experimental theatre. The power of the Gospel.


You Connection Theatre presents professional Christian presentations in Dallas, Texas, debuting original works that truly make an impact on all ages. Admission is always FREE (donations accepted). Our unique 60-seat facility in Downtown Plano provides an intimate, interactive experience. 


All shows are clean and Christian-based (no swearing or off-color content ever). However, our shows can deal with relevant cultural topics and what the Bible says about current issues, so our productions are designed to make audiences think. A section in our playbill allows families to discuss the themes and topics presented.

Target Audience

YC Theatre is geared for ALL AGES. Adults and teens are often impacted the most, since our shows are very deep.

Grade school-aged kids are also welcome. We do not recommend YC for preschoolers, and prefer that toddlers not be present since they are often a bit too young to sit quietly through a theatre show.

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You Connection is in the process of taking our theatre shows beyond the Dallas area!

This is a work in progress, but keep following us for more news about our touring division.

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