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About YCFT

Theological works in theatrical form

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YC Theatre isn't just a show. . . .it's an experience!

Combining immersive, interactive, experimental, and musical theatre all into one dynamic performance, you don't just watch a You Connection show, you feel it.


Live show are evangelistic in nature, with opportunities for prayer and ministry at the end, a perfect environment to invite family, friends, co-workers who might not yet be comfortable stepping into a church, but they will come to a theatre. For believers, it is a wonderful place to be edified, encouraged, and maybe even challenged in your faith.

Adults, teens, and grade-schoolers are welcome (we do not recommend preschoolers attend due to the intimacy of the theatre; there is never any swearing, violence, or inappropriate sexual content, though themes may cover serious biblical or social topics). 

Current Season
Christmas Toys4.png

Christmas Toys

DEC 15-17

The relaunch begins with this delightful and impactful musical tale of toys who meet in a charity box one wintery Christmas Eve. The audience gets to interact with their toys of choice- Are you a wind-up? A stuffed? A plastic? And together, both the characters and the audience explore the meaning of Christmas. DEC 15-17!


Mystery at Summerset

MAR 15-17

Summerset is a progressive education school in 1930s England, where the practice of loose morals and minimal discipline falls apart after a series of crimes are committed on the grounds.

Get your detective cap on, because you'll be given a chance to solve the case, too! You, too, are coming to Summerset. MARCH 15-17!

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