2022-2023 Season

Seasonal Theme: Christianity vs. Culture


Veritania: The Land Without Christmas

DEC 16-18, 2022

A "what if" parable that brings the birth of Jesus to modern times and allows you to wonder, "What would I have done if the Nativity had happened to me?"


Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with this curious perspective DEC 16-18! 


Bubblegum Dream Machine: A Swinging 60s Musical

MAR 17-19, 2023

You Connection celebrates TEN YEARS with this all-new social commentary set in the days of the Swinging 60s.

Celebrate a decade of YC on MARCH 17-19, 2023!

YC Theatre

You Connection Theatre presents professional Christian theatre shows, debuting entirely original works in a uniquely immersive and intimate setting. Combining the flavor of musical theatre with the innovation of experimental theatre, and the powerful impact of the Gospel, YC Theatre isn’t just a show, it’s an experience! We perform at our facility in Downtown Plano, Texas. Our future goal is to have other YC Theatre locations as well.



All shows are clean and Christian-based (no swearing or off-color content ever) However, You Connection is designed to make the audience think; it is designed to challenge secular norms, convict the soul, and proclaim the truth of Christ. While entertaining, YC’s goal is not to entertain or to simply create “wholesome presentations”.. A section in our playbill allows audiences to learn more about the themes presented. A show will be labeled if it is specifically geared for older audiences only.

Target Audience

YC Theatre is geared for ALL AGES. Adults and teens are often impacted the most, since our shows have very deep and impactful themes.

Grade school-aged kids (generally 7-and-up) are welcome. We do not recommend YC for preschoolers, and prefer that toddlers not be present since they are often a bit too young to sit quietly through a theatre show (especially in such an intimate setting where the audience must be quiet).

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