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YOU CONNECTION is a faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation using professional theatre, media, and the creative arts to promote Christian values to audiences in the Dallas, Texas, area, and online, preaching the hardcore, uncompromising message of the Gospel through wildly inventive theatre shows, videos, and more, reaching out especially to those who respond to the visual and performing arts!

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You Connection Theatre is the premier professional Christian theatre of Dallas/Ft. Worth, presenting original works that truly make an impact on all ages! Admission is always FREE (with donations accepted)!

We perform at our facility in Downtown Plano, Texas, and are currently developing a touring division! Our spring season is completed, but check out what's coming up in our 2021-2022 season!



You Connection produces full-length movies and other videos on our free YC WEB site! 

All ages, from teens to adults to families, can connect to You Connection Movies and YCTV, and kids ages 7-12 can view hours of crazy Bible-based videos on The YC Web Channel.

Our latest full-length film, Megsie: A Pilgrim's Progress, is coming in AUGUST!

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Visit us at:

1013 15th Place

Suite 105

Downtown Plano, Texas



We are literally right across from the Dart Rail Station and Haggard Park; NOTE THAT WE ARE NOT ON 15th STREET (and we are not Event1013); we are directly across from the Dart Rail Station, so go directly to the station like you want to board the train and you will find us!

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