You Connection produces a free video site called YC Web, filled with hours of family-and-faith friendly viewing, comparable to anything you would see on PBS or Nickelodeon, but infused with strong Bible-based content. We are also now producing movies, starting with NightWorld!

NightWorld is a timely musical drama about religious freedom, personal rights, and social conformity, set in a peculiar city where light is strictly forbidden. Our first full-length film is based on one of our best theatre shows, and is an insightful (and thought-provoking) commentary on shining the light in a very dark world.

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Coming in October!

And Coming SUMMER 2021!

YC Web is a family-friendly web channel (on a standalone website, free from ads or distractions like on YouTube), featuring hours of quality viewing, and providing a fun, safe, faith-based online experience for the whole family!

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