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What People are Saying

This is just a small selection of legitimate quotes, comments, and stories shared to us on social media, email, in person or through correspondence over time, that testify to what God is doing through You Connection and how He is working through the quality of our productions, the uniqueness of creativity, the impact of the message, and the Spirit behind the message!



Endorsement from Jan Tennyson, founder/director of Dare to Dream:


You Connection productions are valuable lessons in building your faith. Inviting friends, relatives and co-workers to these plays and videos is a great way to plant seeds of faith and encouragement in the hearts of people who may not know that Jesus loves them. It is a wonderful way to touch lives for Kingdom-building.


You Connection has been publicly promoted and financially supported by churches, including Sojourn Church in Carrollton, Texas. YC is truly a ministry designed to assist the body of Christ out here in the marketplace.

About YC Web:


I loved the message in NightWorld, and my daughter liked it too. . . .I also loved some of the sketches you guys did in the early years. My daughter liked the first movie so much, that she asked me to put on the second.  .  .Thanks so much for those!



This is an incredible ministry. Take time to browse through their videos. I’m so impressed to see the excellent work they’re doing!



Really great film that hits on all the emotions. (screening of Little Crooked House)



So much fun! I laughed so much! And the message of our hope through Christ was interwoven so creatively. (screening of Little Crooked House)


This new film is so anointed by the Spirit. The years of preparation are bearing fruit. (screening of Little Crooked House)




About YC Theatre:


I think the show's message was really well done. It certainly addressed important questions but also didn't feel too "shoved in your face". It's a hard line not to cross. . .definitely filling a niche.



They did an outstanding job!. . . .(My husband) talked about the performance, and the spiritual context, the entire way home.



I love that it (the performance) promotes deeper faith conversations.



So much to think about. . .I am seeing God’s heart clearer.


Stories & Feedback:


- We have had non-Christians attending our theatre performances, including a self-confessed atheist who was invited to one YC performance and then came back to see another one.



- A woman brought her grandson to a YC theatre show; his family is not Christian and is somewhat resistant to God, prayer, etc. Afterwards, the woman said that her grandson wanted to pray that night at bedtime, for the first time ever.


- Inspired by Miss Daisy’s Best Little Bakery in Town (a play depicting Daisy and her moral stance in a hostile, unbelieving culture), a teenage attendee stated that after seeing the play she “doesn’t feel like she’s the only one anymore”.

- YC Theatre has been favorably compared to “Hell House”, an evangelistic “haunted house” experience performed by churches and ministries on Halloween.




Insights from You Connection performers:

Owen Garcia

Even with the big storyline there’s always little things and details that help the message shine through even more.


Catelyn Lawrence

I really enjoy analyzing the scripts when I receive them! It’s interesting for me to really look for the meanings and messages below the surface, and feel that it brings more depth to the productions.


Natalie Chapman

I love being able to share my art in a Christian company with ministry opportunities. I always wanted to be in Toymakers Dream or Ballet Magnificant and now I’m able to!


Caiden Garcia

I am always most drawn to the music. I think that the catchy tunes are a brilliant way to draw the audience into the story, and leave them with a tune to remind them of what they just witnessed.


Sasha Saynor

I like how different everything is from traditional theater and how there is a deep message in all of them but they’re all still fun.


Ashley Tone

My favorite part of YC scripts is the variety and depth of the characters. The characters in every show always relate to people on all different walks of life and are truly thought out and believable.


Noah Garcia

I really enjoy being able to take the character that I am cast as and put myself into the shoes of the character. . . .Each character has individual quirks or traits written into them and it's fun to be able to play with their personality!


Mitzi Holdren

I like the genres and how it is appealing to a different audience than most Christian media on the market.

Jonathan Rizzo

I like the room for creativity left for us. I love being able to build my own character and really honing the parts.

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