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What People are Saying

You Connection productions are valuable lessons in building your faith. Inviting friends, relatives, and co-workers to these plays and videos is a great way to plant seeds of faith and encouragement in the hearts of people who may not know that Jesus loves them. It is a wonderful way to touch lives for Kingdom-building.

- Jan Tennyson, founder/director Dare to Dream

I think the show's message was really well done. It certainly addressed important questions but also didn't feel too "shoved in your face". It's a hard line not to cross. . .definitely filling a niche. I think it's a great goal.

- first-time attendees to At the Back of the North Wind (YC Theatre)



Another great show and the message was on target for today!

- monthly donor



An outstanding job! (We) talked about the performance, and the spiritual context, the entire way home.

- first-time attendee to At the Back of the North Wind (YC Theatre)



I love that it (the performance) promotes deeper faith conversations.

- YC Theatre attendee



I loved the message in NightWorld, and my daughter liked it too. My daughter liked the first movie so much, she asked me to put on the second. . .Thanks so much for those!

- YC Web viewer



This is an incredible ministry. Take time to browse through their videos. I’m so impressed to see the excellent work they’re doing!

- YC Web viewer



So much to think about. . .I am seeing God’s heart clearer.

- YC Theatre attendee (Veritania: A Modern Nativity)



Thank you for the most wonderful play. You are amazing, along with your team.

- YC Theatre attendee (Veritania: A Modern Nativity)




- We have had non-Christians attending our theatre performances, including a self-confessed atheist who was invited to one YC performance and then came back to see another one.



- A woman brought her grandson to a YC theatre show; his family is not Christian and is somewhat resistant to God, prayer, etc. Afterwards, the woman said that her grandson wanted to pray that night at bedtime, for the first time ever.



- We have had multiple responses to the immense relevancy of You Connection’s message; One Day in Oktober, a theatre show, was called (in a complimentary way) “the scariest play I’ve ever seen” by one attendee, due to its parallel with the political and social confusions we are experiencing today; Escape from the Grand Guignol, a film, was similarly described by one viewer as “pretty much where we’re headed” in our current culture.



- Inspired by Miss Daisy’s Best Little Bakery in Town (a play depicting Daisy and her moral stance in a hostile, unbelieving culture), a teenage attendee stated that after seeing the play she “doesn’t feel like she’s the only one anymore”.



- YC Theatre has been favorably compared to “Hell House”, an evangelistic “haunted house” experience performed by churches and ministries on Halloween; that is, using culturally relevant creativity to reach audiences with the Gospel.

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