Beginning with our 2021-2022 Season, You Connection theatre shows are now available for booking at churches or other venues.

For details or more info about booking, please contact

Shelley Lawrence


Miss Daisy's Best Little Bakery in Town

clips from our original March 2021 performance

Miss Daisy Poster.png

YC TOURING INFO (2021-2022 Season)

- We need booking to be 3-4 months in advance.

- We don't charge for the performance, but would like to be able to take up a collection or receive donations afterwards.


- We prefer to include all ages (adults, teens, kids) in the audience; our theatre shows are very multilayered and appeal to all age groups.

- We have in-house performances September, December, and March, so we are unavailable for booking in those months.

- For the 2021-2022 season, we are touring Miss Daisy's Best Little Bakery in Town. See the video clips, synopsis, and other info above.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This is an invitation for a church or venue to host us; we want you to partner with us in the event by promoting it to your people. We are not just looking for a facility to put on our show, like a wedding rental. We have a facility of our own where we do in-house productions. Touring our shows allows us to bring You Connection to you!

Upon receiving an invitation, we will need to coordinate the following (our presentations are straightforward and easily adaptable to a variety of environments, so we are flexible with these details; we just need to know how to prepare):

- Where will we be performing (a sanctuary, a fellowship hall, etc.)? Is there a backstage?

- Will we be using your tech team? (We have cue scripts and will need specific music cues.)

- Can we use your lighting or have lighting cues? (We can also include that in the cue script but we are also accustomed to having static lighting.)

- Do you have lav mics for use; if so, how many? (We have lav mics we can bring and plug in to an existing setup, unless the room is small enough for no mics.)

- If we have mics, does your system allow for individual mic cues (or do our actors need to turn their lav mics on and off when not on stage)?

- We will need a tech/dress rehearsal with actors and tech team before the show; we can either do it the same day as the performance or, depending on the date, the day before

- The touring version of our shows will be without an intermission, and will be around an hour long. At the end of each show, we like to take some time to speak to the audience about the message of the show and also present the Gospel message to anyone who might need to hear it; we don't do an alter call but we do like to present the Gospel and speak a prayer over the attendees.