Starting this fall, in addition to our in-house theatre shows, we will begin taking YC shows to churches and other venues! While this may start small and build up over time, our goal is to develop a separate touring division to expand YC and our message across DFW, and beyond!

MISS DAISY'S BEST LITTLE BAKERY IN TOWN will be available for touring throughout our 2021-2022 season. This is a very timely tale of Daisy Rosegarden, who refuses to bake a cake for a lying customer on "moral grounds" and is thrust into a national controversy. This is a dramatic musical that deals with the battle for religious liberty that is currently ravaging our nation, as one small-town Texas girl proves she isn't afraid to stand on her convictions. Premiering with great success this past March and garnering some of our most impactful responses from attendees, this is a You Connection message that everyone needs to hear in this hour.


Information on booking and other details will be available soon!

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