YC Performers

You Connection has a theatre season from September to May (plus a Summer show) each year. You are welcome to contact us throughout the year if you are interested in performing opportunities.


You Connection is a performance-only organization, so we do not conduct classes or provide training for acting. Check out great Christian acting programs like CYT Dallas at www.cytdallas.org and SHINE at www.shineplano.com

Auditions are required, and are held quarterly. We prefer actors who have a resume or are actively training in acting, performing, and/or singing; You Connection performers are expected to have professional standards at all times and need to already be comfortable with stage presence, projection, etc. We don't audition for specific productions, but rather place actors on our roster and contact them throughout the season, so no further auditioning is required after the initial audition and acceptance.

Our Cast Categories:

Core Cast

ages 9-adult

~ ongoing cast members who participate in theatre shows (and possibly video shoots, though this is now sporadic)

~ preferred participation in as many productions as possible during any YC season

~ acting, singing, and/or performing skills must be professional standard; Core cast members are expected to hold their own (comparable to their age, that is) in terms of acting, singing, vocalizing, stage presence, and must be able to handle larger, disciplined roles

~ $900 compensation per production ($500 if a Core member takes only a small part in a theatre show)

Seasonal Cast

ages 9-adult

~ cast members who participate in occasional or specific YC productions

~ a Seasonal cast member will be notified of upcoming productions and available parts, and may have the opportunity of participating if available (no further auditioning required after the initial audition)

~ acting, singing, and/or performing skills must be professional standard

~ $500 - $900 comp per production (depending on whether role is principle or supporting)

Though we do use adult actors, You Connection is a haven for some of the finest youthful talent in all of Dallas, as well as an outlet for highly gifted child and teen performers who want to share their faith through their skills in a professional environment.

While we are a Christian-based organization, we do not require a statement of faith from our performers. However, bear in mind that You Connection is very overt in its Christian themes, so YC performers need to be comfortable with participating in productions with strong Christian content and compliant to such themes for the duration of involvement.

Get in touch about auditions at contact@youconnection.org

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