YC Performers

The You Connection cast is open to all ages from 10 years old to adult. We hold auditions quarterly by appointment only. To inquire about an audition, get in touch with us at contact@youconnection.org

You Connection presents professional-quality productions, and cast members are expected to maintain very high standards of performance, as well as professional behavior. Our cast is made up of professional and commercial actors, community theatre actors, and/or actors who are actively involved in theatrical training.

We are a performance-only company, so we do not provide training of any kind. Compensation is available for certain roles/cast members.

We only require a one-time audition; if accepted, you will be placed on our cast roster (see below) and will be able to sign up for productions (for Seasonal actors) or you will be automatically included in productions (for Core actors).

Our cast roster is divided up into:


performers who are actively involved in ongoing productions; Core actors are automatically contacted for every production and are generally expected to be involved in as many productions as possible throughout the year (Core is always compensated per project; compensation amounts for this season are still being determined)


recurring performers who are regularly involved in YC productions; participation is more flexible and Seasonal cast can select the productions they wish to be a part of (subject to availability); (compensation for Seasonal cast members may vary and smaller roles might be for no-pay; see the Seasonal Cast page for details)

Seasonal Cast can sign up for productions on the Seasonal Cast Page

Commitment to productions is very efficient (as we work quickly and professionally) and often involves only two long weekends plus the performance weekend for theatre shows. Film shoots are often only several days of work for individual actors.

We are a Christian organization and our material features strong Christian content. We do not require a statement of faith from performers, but you are expected to be supportive of and comply to our faith and values as long as you remain on our cast roster.


Core actors do not have to participate in every production, but are expected to be involved as much as possible on an ongoing basis; they need to keep track of the YC production calendar; there are many Core actors who do participate in every production (some have done so for years)!

Seasonal actors need to sign up for at least one production per season to stay on the cast roster; if a performer is unavailable for multiple projects in a row we will need to remove them from the list (as we prefer only having active performers on the roster).

As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. 1 Peter 4:10

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