YC Performers

Note: Contrary to a popular misconception, YC is NOT a youth theatre or youth program. We are a professional production company, though we do utilize a high volume of youth performers in a strictly professional capacity.


The You Connection cast is open to all ages from 10 years old to adult. We accept both acting school and professional actors; compensation is available for most performers. We are generally looking for actors with experience (a lot or a little); as stated above, You Connection is a professional organization only and performers are expected to display high standards of excellence in performance, conduct, and reliability.

We do not audition for single productions. YC actors audition to be a part of our ongoing cast roster. Starting this summer we will have two divisions: Resident Performers and the YC Cast.

RESIDENT PERFORMERS will be paid part-time on a monthly basis and will participate in all YC productions throughout a season (August to August). Actors who are already in the YC Cast are welcome to be considered for Resident Performers. We are looking for a VARIETY of ages to make up the Resident Performers, from youth to adult.


Comp will be $800/month for 18-adult, $500/month for below 18's; Resident Performers will be required to commit to our three in-house theatre shows, our summer film shoot, plus a few web series video shoots in between; special performance dates will also be made available this season. Commitment to You Connection is very workable on a part-time basis, since our rehearsal times and other appointments are very efficient (see Actor Guidelines).

THE YC CAST will be a unified version of our past Core and Seasonal divisions, and will continue to operate as before, with actors being able to select which productions they are available for on the Sign-Up Page. Commitment details will be the same, as outlined in the Actor Guidelines. For the 2021-2022 season beginning in August, comp will be $800/per project for 18-adult, $500/per project for 13-17-yrs-old, $300/per project for 10-12-yrs-old. 

New to YC? Take a look at some excerpts from You Connection Theatre, and be sure to check out our film and video site YC Web, at www.youconnectionweb.org