Performed September 2019 - first show at YC's new facility in Downtown Plano!


It's the end of the Eisenhower era, and the struggling Fern family buys a bag of seeds guaranteed to bring lifelong happiness. The whole neighborhood cashes in on the deal, only to discover that the human heart is more haunting than a drive-in B-movie, in a humorously retro tale that explores the crookedness of ours sins and the need of the Savior to purify our hearts.

Performed May 2019


This YC performance puts a topical, whimsical, Wonderland-like spin on the classic tale The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan. Megsie is a young girl who sets out across a bizarre landscape in search of the eternal city of Hometown, encountering the trials, temptations, and victories along the path of life and salvation.

Performed May 2017 & March 2019

In the faraway city of NightWorld, everyone is stuck in endless night because light is strictly forbidden. But a secret student club called the Fire Keepers believes in the "Light Who Has a Name", and they soon lead a revolution against the sinister Mr. Brimstone and his weak-willed staff.  This dramatic musical tale plunges deep into the realities of religious hostility, religious persecution, and Philippians 2:14-16- shining your light in the midst of a dark world.

Annual Performance (first performed Dec 2018)

Emily Screw is a selfish, spoiled, mean-spirited young girl. Born on Christmas Day, she is the sole heiress to the vast Screw Estate and a terror to family and schoolmates alike. But on a wintery Christmas Eve, the tables are finally turned, as Emily's ill-treated toys come to life to give her a well-deserved look at her life choices and the significance of the Miracle Child who was born in the manger. A spin on Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol, this festive holiday performance is an annual You Connection event!

Performed October 2018

When a mysterious peddler offers lifelong happiness in the form of shoes, the wearers are met with one ghastly condition. The shoes don't come off, and the wearers are forced to do the peddler's bidding! This cautionary tale of choice and consequence dives into the topical (and culturally controversial) realities of today's personal identity issues, revealing what the Word of God says about identity and exploring the dangers of trying to "be your own creator" rather than trusting in the God who created you.

Performed April 2018


There's only one way to win at Kandy Quiz, a bizarre television game show where the meaning of the game is to discover the meaning of the game. Enigmatic host Mr. Stix and his equally quirky assistants take selected contestants through a confusing collection of tests, trials, and riddles, with some contestants discovering the truth, while others meet with horrid and ghastly consequences as a result of their life choices. This Wonka-like tale takes a look at the secular beliefs of materialism, atheism, and universalism, while exploring the often unpopular reality that Jesus said He is the only way and the only truth- the only way to win the game of life!

Performed October 2017

Based on You Connection's own web videos and book series, Creepy Crawly High takes you into the slithery school for bugs and insects, where the freedom to learn about God, or religion in general, is under threat, dividing both faculty and students over issues of creation and evolution. This early YC Family Theatre performance, in 2017, was only a one-act presentation, and will undergo the two-act treatment when it comes around again!

A snap from our original YC theatre show in 2016, with our original YC cast. It was a VERY simple one-act performance, but it was the start of something bigger and better!

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