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Gallery of shows

You Connection produces entirely original material, tailored specifically to the biblical themes and topics presented, and also worked or reworked to fit the current YC cast. We present new works all the time, but also rotate back through our repertoire of shows, so if you missed a show you'll be sure to see it again in the future! Some of our shows have also become (or will become) films on YC Web!


A tale of faith, courage, and groovy music, set in the turbulent days of 1968, this dramatic musical centers around an up-and-coming band that has a change of tune after getting radically saved by some Jesus Freaks, and are faced with having to choose between faith and fame in a hostile and unstable culture.

North Wind Image2.png

Based on the classic novel by Scottish author/minister George MacDonald (a pioneer of both Christian literature and fantasy fiction), this totally rad 1980's variation features young Diamond's adventures with the North Wind, and explores the deep and difficult question of theodicy- that is, why does a loving God allow bad things to happen?


One of You Connection's annual Christmas performances, this is a "what if" fable that depicts the birth of Christ as if it happened today instead of 2000 years ago. Follow the modern equivalent of the shepherds, eastern kings, and a controversial teen couple as they are divinely chosen to take part in the greatest birth in the history of the world!


Set in Petrograd in the turbulent days of the Russian Revolution of 1917, this dramatic musical is actually a social commentary of our own times, exploring what it means to stand for your faith in the face of a hostile and unbelieving world, as a small Russian church faces horrible persecution in the wake of the Soviet takeover.


A faith-filled variation of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, this steampunk-style YC spin features Alice Liddell, a young intern at Wonderland Theatre Company, a surreal theatre house featuring a curious host of characters who personify the contradictory norms of secular society- a funny, whimsical, and thought-provoking tale of being curiouser and curiouser, and finding the truth in a world of insanity.


One of You Connection's annual Christmas productions, this loose variation on Dickens' A Christmas Carol presents Emily Screw, a self-absorbed, rebellious teenager who hates Christmas, and her whimsical adventure one wintery Christmas Eve as she is led on a journey of discovery- to the truth of Christmas, and to salvation itself.

Miss Daisy Poster.png

Daisy is fresh out of college and opening her own bakery in a tiny little Texas town. But when she refuses, on moral principle, to bake a cake for a lying customer (who is celebrating a new job despite lying about her age in order to secure the job), Daisy is thrown into the public spotlight, as politicians and the media turn her story into a national headline. A savage but deeply thought-provoking social satire on our current culture, and a tale of standing strong for your faith and your convictions, even at the risk of losing everything.

Don't Poster 2.png

The Pepperidge Playhouse is a third-rate theatre company producing fifth-rate plays, in this outrageous 1930s-style comedy of prat falls, pies in the face, and selfish people making stupid mistakes and reaping really stupid consequences. Behind the comedy is actually a bittersweet examination of the very bittersweet book of Ecclesiastes, an examination of the folly of humankind and our need for a Savior, and most importantly, how to return to the play that the Playwright originally wrote for us.


A funky, urban fantasy version of John Bunyan's classic novel The Pilgrim's Progress, featuring a young girl named Megsie who sets off across a bizarre landscape and encounters the friends, foes, and temptations that make up the journey of life and salvation. Megsie has also been produced as a film on YC Web!


You Connection's first original musical presentation, first performed in 2017, NightWorld is a satire of current culture, particularly the removal of prayer from public schools in 1962, presenting a world that is perpetually dark and a revolution that rises up within the sinister NightWorld Academy.  NightWorld has also been produced as a film on YC Web!


An early YC Theatre work presenting a Willy Wonka-style story of a candy-themed game show and the rewards or punishments that come from the various worldviews of the contestants; no longer a part of the YC lineup due to its striking similarity with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it was nevertheless a humorous exploration of worldviews.

Crooked Poster.png

A rebooted version of this, with the updated title Little Crooked House, is coming as a film to YC Web in 2023! Set in the final days of the be-bop era of the late 1950s, this sock-hopping tale is a deep exploration of the heart, detailing the curious events that unfold when a struggling family unwisely pursues lifelong happiness from a mysterious door-to-door salesman.


The mysterious Peddler offers happiness in the form of shoes, which the wearer is forced to wear permanently and do the Peddler's evil bidding; a quirky and creepy tale of temptation and the dangers of "making a deal with the devil", this is a multilayered commentary and one of You Connection's most quietly subversive presentations.  Rainbow Shoes has also been produced as a film on YC Web!

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