2020-2021 Season

You Connection Family Theatre is live and in person!

Miss Daisy's Best Little Bakery in Town

MARCH 12-14

A hailstorm of controversy erupts when Daisy Rosegarden, the young owner of a new bakery, refuses, on principle, to bake a cake for a customer who lied on a job application and wants a cake to celebrate. Is Daisy's stance an act of moral conviction or cultural intolerance? Join us right here in the Lone Star State for this tale of mass media hysteria and courage under fire! FRI, MAR 12 @ 7pm, SAT, MAR 13 @ 7pm, SUN, MAR 14 @ 2pm & 7pm. Admission is free but remember to pre-reserve at yapsody.com 

Don't Say That, Please (This is the Bible Belt)

MAY 14-16

The Pepperidge Playhouse will try to put together a last-minute show for you amidst budget cuts, personality clashes, prima donnas, and other disasters, in this comedy variety show that reveals just how imperfect the human race really is. MAY 14-16! 

Our 2021-2022 Season is already lined up!

Wonderland Theatre Co.

SEPT 17-19

Alice Liddell has a summer intern job at the Wonderland Theatre Co, where things get curiouser and curiouser as she searches for the meaning of life in a frenzy of odd characters and nonsensical beliefs, in this faith-filled adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic Alice in Wonderland. SEPT 2021! 

Emily Screw: A Christmas Tale

DEC 17-19

Our annual Christmas tale of the world's nastiest girl and her discovery of redemption one special Christmas Eve is always fresh and new each year. Celebrate Christmas with You Connection THIS DECEMBER, in this delightfully impactful twist on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. 

One Day in Oktober

MAR 11-13, 2022

Set in the days leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917, this cautionary musical drama tells the tale of those who didn't recognize that their freedom was slipping away, until it was too late. This thought-provoking social commentary on the value of freedom (and the price of keeping it or losing it) marches to the stage next MARCH, 2022. 

The House on Cranberry Lane

MAY 20-22, 2022

When the senior home and the orphanage both burn down, the old folks and the young folks are forced to move in together! This hilariously disastrous predicament soon turns into a heartwarming tale of two completely different generations learning to face the world side by side! NEXT MAY, 2022! 


You Connection Family Theatre is the most unique Christian theatrical experience in all of Dallas, Texas, combining the fun of a Broadway-style show with a powerful, life-changing message. Our 65-seat facility in Downtown Plano provides an intimate, interactive experience. It is always FREE ADMISSION (with donations gladly accepted.)

All shows are clean and Christian-based (no swearing or off-color content ever). However, our shows can deal with relevant cultural topics and what the Bible says about current issues, so our productions are designed to make audiences think. A section in our playbill allows families to discuss the themes and topics presented.

YC Family Theatre is geared for the entire family, meaning kids, teens, parents, grandparents, etc., will all get something out of it. 

We generally do not recommend You Connection for preschoolers, as there can be dramatic moments and stronger themes that might go over their heads.

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