You Connection Family Theatre presents the most unique Christian theatrical experience in all of Dallas, Texas, combining the fun of a Broadway show with the powerful, life-changing truth of the Bible. Our 65-seat facility in Downtown Plano provides a uniquely intimate and creatively interactive experience for the entire family from the moment you set foot in the door!

We are the only theatre group in town that offers FREE ADMISSION for our performances (donations are gladly welcomed during shows)! Our heart is to make the message of You Connection completely accessible for your family!


YCFT is geared for the entire family, although the themes are generally best suited for kids ages 7-12, teens, and adults. While preschoolers and kindergartners are welcome and can still enjoy the productions, please note that there can be dramatic or thematic moments in the play.


All shows are clean and Christian-based (no swearing or off-color content EVER); however, our shows can deal with relevant cultural topics and what the Bible says about current issues, so our productions are designed to not only entertain you, but to make you think. The "Truth Behind the Show" section in our playbill allows families or audience members to explore or discuss the biblical themes and topics from each production, so that the message can stay with you long after you leave the theatre!

2019-2020 season

Due to the uncertain progress and unreliable nature of planning public performances at this time, You Connection is doing something even better:



This dramatic musical tale is based on one of You Connection's best theatre shows, about a faraway city where light is strictly forbidden. Get ready to shine your light and stand strong in the midst of a dark world!

YC will host a screening event the weekend of JULY 17-19, so make plans to join us in July, or see NightWorld online starting July 20!

Check out You Connection's vast collection of videos at YC Web.

2020-2021 Season

Join You Connection Family Theatre again in the fall!


YC Family Theatre

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