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Who We Are
Our Mission

YOU CONNECTION is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation using professional theatre and media to communicate Christian values, truths, and realities to audiences of all ages.

We are part of a global movement to advance the Gospel of Christ in every sphere of influence, using the impactful mediums of live theatre, film, and video to awaken our culture to the reality of God's Kingdom.

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What We Do

YC THEATRE presents professional Christian theatre shows, debuting entirely original works in a uniquely immersive and intimate setting. Combining the flavor of musical theatre with the innovation of experimental theatre, and the powerful impact of the Gospel. Admission is always FREE (donations accepted).

YC WEB is a free streaming site, visited by thousands of viewers all over the world, from the US to the UK to Australia and South Africa! Specifically designed to be a hip, funky alternative to other Christian streaming sites, for a variety of ages- a powerful fusion of Gospel and creativity!

What We Do

YC presentations are designed to make audiences think- to challenge secular norms, convict the soul, and proclaim the truth of Christ. While entertaining, YC's goal is not to entertain.

We have a highly unique brand of creativity that draws from experimental theatre, experimental film, surrealism, avant-garde, musical theatre, whimsy, satire, allegory, and classical storytelling, all designed to use the great tradition of the arts to effectively minister the reality of Christ to others!

YC targets an "AGELESS DEMOGRAPHIC"- that is, our productions are geared to a variety of ages from kids to teens to adults.

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Matt Kramer



Natalie Kramer

YC Team - PR, promotion, ministry

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Catelyn Lawrence

Assistant Artistic Director/Resident Performer


Jordan Schonhoff

YC Team - PR, promotion, ministry


Debby Kramer

YC Team - event, ministry

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